Forests patrol in Shatsky district due to fire hazard

According to the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Ryazan Region, due to the fire hazard, all regional forest services have been put on high alert. Patrolling and monitoring of forest areas are carried out in an enhanced mode.

Engineer for the protection and protection of the forest Shatsk forestry Alexander Chulin:

“Together with the employees of the Supervisory Department for Shatsky, Chuchkovsky and Putyatinsky districts Viktor Mitin and Viktor Bulekov, we are patrolling the forest areas of the Shatsky forestry according to the established schedule. We conduct preventive conversations with residents of villages and villages adjacent to the forests; handing out leaflets with fire safety rules. No damage has been found yet. I note that people are sympathetic to the conservation of forests and the environment.”