Ford Focus was previously in great demand – since 1998, over 17 million cars have been produced.

The fourth generation Ford Focus will be the last

The fourth generation Ford Focus will be the last

American automaker Ford is ditching the Focus. One of the most popular models in the history of the brand will be discontinued in 2025.

About it said in an interview with Automotive News Europe, head of the European division of Ford Motor Stuart Rowley.

According to him, the current, fourth, generation “Ford Focus” will be the last, a new generation of this model is not planned. “Focus” decided to withdraw from production due to a sharp drop in demand in recent years.

Traditional C-class hatchbacks are now losing popularity, because buyers are increasingly choosing crossovers.

It is noted that in 2014 over 870 thousand Ford Focus were sold, and in 2017 – 560 thousand. But in 2021, only 117.5 thousand buyers were found for the model.

The global auto industry is collapsing due to the war in Ukraine

Russian invasion of Ukraine seriously hurt the global auto industry. Analysts believe that due to Russian aggression, the European auto industry will suffer the most, the damage to which is estimated at about 1.7 million cars in 2022, and about the same in 2023. We are talking about cars that enterprises will not produce.

In addition, the European plants of the BMW and Volkswagen concerns have already felt a shortage of Ukrainian-made auto components, so they were forced to suspend their work.

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