The renowned American media has named the legendary British artist as the greatest superstar of the year worldwide, recognizing the great feat that ’30’ is currently doing it in the physical album industry.

The return of Adele the music scene is giving something to talk about again, and it is that despite the huge drop in pure sales and great dominance of streaming in music consumption, his fourth studio album ’30’ is already the best-selling album in format physicist around the world in this current year, taking him just three weeks to achieve it.

Forbes in one of its most recent articles, has named Adele as the undisputed global superstar of the year, also mentioning her as a future music icon.

“Somehow he releases the biggest album of the year, 30, selling in a short time what no album sold throughout the year …… And it’s part of why he’s the biggest pop star in the world, no one should question whether leadership. That, and that ridiculously gorgeous voice and vulnerability that he’s not afraid to share as an artist. Put it all together and you will see why Adele is a generational superstar on her way to becoming an undisputed icon of music. “

Do you agree with Forbes?