For Vili Mislimov, the Skopinsky district has become a second home

Vili Mislimov was born and raised in Dagestan, and in 1980, after graduating from school, he entered an agricultural college in the village of Varskie, Ryazan Region, to learn the profession of a veterinarian.

Vili Mislimov:

“My neighbor was a veterinarian. I watched how it works, and it was interesting to me. And I myself helped my parents with the housework from the age of five. We had cows, bulls, sheep, who needed to make hay and clean the barn, feed and drink, and take them to pasture.

Vili Mislimov studied easily, received a diploma and worked for some time in the direction of the state farm “Red Banner” in the Ryazhsky district. In 1987, he moved to the village of Kazinka, Skopinsky district, and got a job at the Gigant collective farm. At that time, the farm had about 1,000 head of cattle and 2,000 pigs. There was always enough work, but the young specialist did not complain.

Vili Mislimov worked at this collective farm until its closure, since 2006 he has been working on the staff of the Skopinskaya veterinary station, but still lives in Kazinka. The villages of Vysokoye, Mokhovoe, Gremyachka, Ilyinka, Rozhdestveno, Nikolo-Skopin were also assigned to the veterinarian. He takes care of about 1,000 heads of cattle (dairy herd and calves) in Agroholding Skopinsky LLC, and a sheep herd in Andreevsiky SPK in the village of Rozhdestveno.

Vili Alibegovich said:

“Our main task is preventive work. I have a immunization schedule that needs to be followed. We vaccinate against rabies, anthrax, leptospirosis and other dangerous diseases.”

The veterinarian regularly visits the houses in his area. Helps to take delivery, if the situation requires it. Heals all living creatures that are brought or brought to the local doctor Aibolit.

“They can even pick me up from bed on a call, and I can stay until late in the evening if necessary. But it does not bother me, because I work with pleasure. You always get positive energy from animals!”

Skopinsky district has become a second home for our hero, and Vili Mislimov and his family travel to Dagestan mainly on pleasant occasions – for weddings or anniversaries. Per Vili Alibegovich’s professional approach to the case was awarded with municipal and regional diplomas. And in 2021, they were brought to the Board of Honor of the Skopinsky District.