A very common comment that is usually heard is the one that assures that it is preferred to the infant sofia on Princess Eleanor.

The youngest daughter of the Queen Letizia Y Felipe VI She is a great fan of theater and sports, and she really likes computers and new technologies, which is why she has always been a very curious young woman, as confirmed by her teacher. In addition, she Sofía speaks Basque, Chinese, Arabic and English.

The Infanta Sofía seems to always be in the background compared to her sister, Princess Leonor and future Queen of spainand for this reason it seems that she is much more loved by the people of Spain than Leonor.

This young woman is also very natural, cheerful and always presents herself with a natural smile compared to the Princess, since many say that Leonor always shows a very forced smile.

The infanta sofia she is also kinder and more curious with people, she also has a very remarkable personality, much more expansive and open than her sister. Although it is believed that for the outside world, Leonor must be colder and would be her sister, since the princess is the one who inherits the throne of Spain, so her attitude must be impeccable.

However, it is believed that Princess Sofia will win more affection from the public when she turns 18, when she will have to decide whether to continue accompanying and supporting her sister in her protocol acts or if she decides to lead a slightly more normal life and thus be able to study in college and work independently.