Through social networks, a controversial theory has gone viral that has explained the possible reasons why the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué abandoned his ex-partner, the Colombian singer Shakira, for his new and current girlfriend, the 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti.

Year 2022 It has undoubtedly left controversies that have resonated massively on social networks, but if you have to name just one that generated a lot of media coverage, it was the separation between Shakira and Piqué.

Their courtship, which lasted 10 years and left two children, came to an end and as it has been presumed, it was due to the large number of infidelities that the former player of the Barcelona Fc would have committed to the interpreter of ‘She-wolf’.

But now, several Spanish media have revealed the supposed and true reason why the athlete decided to end his romance with the artist and proceed to exchange her for one of his employees. Kosmos, Clara Chia Marti.

As claimed, Gerard Piqué He wanted Shakira to give him a daughter in their relationship, however, she only gave him two sons. It is said that this situation worsened the connection that existed between the two, because according to sources close to the Spanish, having a daughter was one of her biggest dreams.

and as we know, Shakira She did not have any more children with him, so she would not have been able to fulfill that long-awaited wish despite the many efforts that the Colombian woman would have made.

It has even been said that Shakira would have gone to a fertility clinic several times to be able to conceive a girl. However, her attempts were all unsuccessful.

Despite the fact that this theory has some logic, it has not yet been confirmed, and the singer’s fans affirm that even if this would have been a factor in their separation, the most determining factor would continue to be all the infidelities that Piqué committed while in a romance. with Shakira.

For this reason, the fans of the star do not see in a good way the theory that the Spanish media are divulging, since according to them, it is just a way to cover up all the infidelities that Gerard Piqué committed.