Meghan Markle was the center of attention for not attending the launch of the book of the prince harry. Although they are always close, this time Meghan decided to take a step back for her own professional benefit. Meghan Markle is”extremely cautious» about the publication of Prince Harry’s memoirs, since he was conspicuously absent from the long publicity tour, so reports the «Daily Mail«.

The couple often appear as a united front, and one example of this was Prince Harry’s appearance at the end of his wife’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. He was also present in a school auditorium in New York, where Meghan was promoting her book”The Bench» and even juggled windows at the end of her 40th birthday video.

Sources close to «The TelegraphThey said that if Meghan had been involved in any way in promoting the book, she might have been singled out for trying to be the center of attention. However, others suggested that Meghan’s absence may have been a calculated tactic, with close friends of the couple saying that Meghan cared more about the book than Harry, adding that she would have caused “less concern” but still so she decided to support her husband.

One of the sources said:

Is this the way she would have approached things? Possibly not.

But she will always support him and would never have gotten involved in promoting such a personal project. It’s about her own life, her own journey, and her own perspective.

It was also said that Harry’s revelations in his book could have “dramatic consequences” for Meghan Markle’s political ambitions. In one article, the prince wrote that he did not view those killed as “people» but as «records of Chess» that he had removed from the board. So this statement can seriously affect the political image of the actress.