The reason why has been revealed. Evaluna Montaner she is always at her husband’s concerts Camilo. The followers understood the tender reason behind the controversial topic.

After weeks where a possible separation of Eva Luna Y Camilothe singers have given public statements on the subject, and Ricardo Montaner He also sent a strong message to all those people who create false news with few supports, including the separation of the couple.

Now Camilo has revealed the reason why his wife must always accompany him to all the concerts and trips he takes.

In an interview that the singer offered when he was about to be born Apolloson of Mau Montaner with Sarahthe musician revealed that his wife and daughter stayed with the new parents, while he had to fulfill a work commitment for three days.

«When she travels with me, what I miss is nothing, I miss the minutes I’m on stage, but the other day I did, because we were just waiting for Apolo who is Mao’s son with Sara, Evaluna stayed in Miami representing the family and I had to go to two concerts without herCamilo commented.

The artist went on to explain that he never travels without his wife and daughter for fear of missing out on some new discovery of his baby, since he is still in the stage of wanting to decipher the world.

«The first three days when I got detached from my wife and my daughter and when I came back my daughter was doing some things with her new hands and everything and I said: but, three days, that is, people who go on a trip… I was waving his hand, and when I left he was starting to do it and now that’s it, he still has to say, hello, keep going… I missed it, and I said, no more, I won’t travel without them again«, finished Camilo.