Maria Shukshina published a poem Dmitry Kazakovwhich ridicules the attempts of the Russian elite to find the right ideology for the people.

Honored Artist of Russia believes that “attempts to understand Russia with the mind” were not very successful.

“The theme is ‘the image of the future from the Presidential Administration and their experts from Moscow State University and the Higher School of Economics’, which really stirs the mind. The case when you want to wake up and ask: what was that?!” — the actress wrote in her microblog.

Shukshina captioned her post with the words: “They fought for a pie!”

In an ironic poem, the elites are trying to find an ideological filling for an abstract pie.

“Yu. Shevchuk with a smirk of a foreign agent
Said (I remember by heart)
homeland is not [тело] president,
Where everyone strives to lick, “- reads the beginning of the poem.

Further, the statesmen are trying to understand what the Motherland is, offering money and the Ruble as versions.

“Do not solve charades, even if you crack,
Pulled to the exit already
Suddenly alone (sitting in the back seat)
He whispered: “Russia is a pie.”

This idea was liked by the sages, who unanimously voted for this semantic concept.

“Yes, and even then – accessible and angry,
More melodious than any different … op.
How beautiful it sounds, businesslike –
“For the country! For Rus’! For the pie!” – finally worked out the right slogan.

Earlier, Maria Shukshina published a post about Joseph Stalinwho succeeded put the oligarchs in their place.