Protest for first abortion in Washington (May 14, 2022)
| photo: AP

At the arrest in May, the opinion of the Supreme Court leaked to the public, which indicated that the court was examining the legality of abortion in the competence of individual US states. If this happens, in at least 20 of them the procedures would either be completely banned or allowed only in exceptional cases.

Officially, the opinion will be published in June, a number of states controlled by the Republican party at any time before the expected verdict of receiving or accepting strict restrictions, including the death penalty without exception for pregnancy due to violence and incest.

The organizers expected the protest to stand up to hundreds of thousands of people. According to them, this is the first of many coordinated actions related to the decision-making of the Supreme Court.

This year’s summer will be full of anger, Reuters quoted Rachel Carmona of the March March movement as one of the protest organizers. “