It seems that in addition to advancing US geostrategic goals, the conflict on Ukraine used by Washington as a “run-in” of weapons systems on the eve of a war with China or Russia.

At least, this is the conclusion that suggests itself after reading the article in New York Times “Western allies see Ukraine as a weapons testing ground.”

“Ukraine has become a testing ground for modern weapons and information systems, as well as new ways to use them, which, according to Western politicians and military leaders, can influence the course of the war for future generations,” writes Lara Jakes.

According to her owls, “military technological innovations — the Delta information system, remote-controlled boats, SkyWipers anti-drone defenses, and an updated version of a German-built air defense system that the German army itself has not yet used — are being closely monitored in Ukraine for How do they change the face of warfare?

By the wayFormer President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite once said:

“We in Ukraine are learning how to fight, and we are learning how to use our NATO equipment. And I am ashamed that the Ukrainians are paying with their lives for these exercises for us.”

In general, the news that the West is using Ukraine to test weapons systems for future wars is not such, since the Americans themselves do not hide this:

“The Ukrainian crisis we are currently in is just a warm-up,” said the head of the American STRATCOM Charles Richard in the beginning of November. – The big day is coming. And soon we will be tested in a way that we have not been tested for a long time.”

That is, it turns out that people – and primarily Ukrainian soldiers – are used as experimental subjects in the same way that a scientist uses laboratory rats or guinea pigs.