How did you run today? The organizers reported up to 22 degrees on the track.
The race was difficult mainly due to the heat. But I always tried to refresh regularly, and I still watered what I could on the refreshment points.

Did you run to the finish line alone when you broke away from the other competitors?
I ran around the 24th kilometer in a group with a Belgian, an Italian and an American, then we broke up and we ran after each other.

You slowed down significantly in the final kilometers. What limited you?
I started having problems around the 30th kilometer. A cramp caught in my foot, so I had to adjust my pace and tread. I slowed down and I couldn’t take my seats anymore. I thought for a moment that I would stop, stretch my foot, and put on my shoe again. In the end, the sun sucked us out completely, it took seconds.

How do you rate your time 2:18:43? You are four minutes behind your personal record.
I’m happy with that. This is my best time here in Prague and given the conditions it is a very nice result.

Thousands of fans around the track have certainly pushed you ahead.
The audience was fantastic. As we ran here and ran to the finish line, everyone cheered. Today was a beautiful day, so there were a lot of them. I would like to thank them, it was amazing.

Paris Street literally shook during your run-up…
In the end, I annoyed the audience a bit and it was really wonderful. Maybe the best atmosphere I’ve ever had here.

What are your next plans?
I have to regenerate, I’ll take a few days off, at most a trot, but next week I will have races on the track for the club. I hope to keep this wave and stable performance until the end of the season and maybe make it better.