Texas, Maryland, South Carolina, and South Dakota have banned government employees from using TikTok on work devices; Nebraska already did this in August 2020, bringing the number of US states that consider a Chinese video-sharing app a national security threat to five, informs Quartz on Tuesday.

Recall, two years ago, US federal authorities attempted to block TikTok, including prohibiting US residents from downloading the application. However, this order was stopped court.

TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, which claims that its business is not controlled by the Chinese government, and that American users’ data is also not disclosed to Chinese authorities. In June 2022 TikTok in particular informed, which transferred the storage of personal data (PD) of users from the United States to the servers of the American Oracle. However, the application “remains under suspicion.”

“TikTok collects vast amounts of data about its users, including where, when and how they use the Internet, and offers these deposits of potentially sensitive information to the Chinese government,” the Texas governor said, explaining his decision to ban TikTok from state officials.

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TikTok denies the allegations and “expresses disappointment” that so many government agencies have lost access to the platform as a convenient tool for communication and community building – some federal agencies have previously banned their employees from using TikTok, including Ministry of Defensethe National Security Agency and the US State Department.

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It is not reported how the authorities are going to control the implementation of the ban. We will inform you on the occasion that the domestic mobile OS “Aurora”, designed for civil servants and corporate users, allows centralized management of software installation on devices.

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