Limiting or avoiding five foods that nutritionists call harmful will return forgotten energy and improve health.

Photo: Anastasia Ivanova

“A man is what he eats,” a phrase once said by the German materialist philosopher Feuerbach comes to mind as soon as it comes to food. Scientists have proven that food has a serious impact on people’s health, their mood, ability to study and work. It can cause a surge of energy or, conversely, a feeling of overwork, which, at times, haunts for years.

Fatigue is a fairly common phenomenon, it accompanies everyone who leads a busy lifestyle, saves time on sleep, forgets about physical activity and proper nutrition. The next trip to the doctor may end with an unexpected diagnosis: chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

If you give up on the feeling of constant fatigue, this will lead to serious consequences, which will be more difficult to eliminate than to prevent.

Data shedding light on what people in this condition should or should not include in their diet are available. From year to year, in different countries of the world, scientific research is being conducted on the impact of nutrition on CFS.