Fishing scratch led woman to 55 surgeries and desire to have her leg amputated

Resident Great Britain contracted a severe infection due to a scratch received while fishing. About it reports Southend Echo.

Michelle Milton, 36, from Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, injured herself on 18 August 2019 while fishing. The woman slipped and fell. The nylon fishing line she had in her pocket became embedded in a cut on her right leg. A few days later, the limb became swollen and Milton developed a high fever. Then the woman sought medical help.

Doctors discovered an infection in the patient and prescribed her a course of antibiotics. However, drug treatment did not help, and Milton soon developed resistance to antibiotics. The infection spread along the leg, so doctors decided to perform surgery on the woman. From that moment on, Milton began regularly visiting hospitals. Doctors were unable to get rid of the infection, and the woman had to undergo a large number of operations. Over five years, she underwent 55 operations, including four skin grafts, 30 debridements, and 21 operations to remove damaged tissue. Milton spent most of her time in the hospital. At some point, the patient, desperate to return to her old life, expressed a desire for doctors to amputate her leg, but was refused.

Now Milton can barely move or sit normally. After all the operations, a deep wound remained on the inside of her leg. “I just want to get rid of my leg. My every day passes in torment. I beg the doctors to amputate the limb, but they just keep cutting it,” the woman complained. Milton noted that she was exhausted not only physically, but also mentally. She still can’t believe that a small cut led to this condition.

Previously reportedthat the resident USA lost all her limbs after contracting the flu. Currently, the woman walks with the help of prostheses.

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