Fishing and taking photos will be prohibited near the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant

Near the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), which is located near the city of Kurchatov, a special legal regime will be introduced during the period of the SVO. This decision was made by the authorities of the Russian region, as reported on website regional government.

“It is planned to limit people’s access to the safety zone of the nuclear power plant; additional restrictions will apply to fishing in undesignated places, photography and video filming in this area,” the statement says.

In addition, cultural and other public events that are not related to the activities and construction of the plant will be prohibited near the territory of the nuclear power plant. The security zone of the territory will also be equipped with engineering and technical security equipment.

Kursk NPP located in Kurchatov on the banks of the Seim River 40 kilometers west Kursk and approximately 110 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. The nuclear power plant is one of the top four power plants in terms of the volume of electricity generated Russia all types.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have repeatedly tried to attack the nuclear power plant. So, in October 2023, the station’s satellite city tried to attack three drones – they were shot down by an air defense system. According to unofficial data, as a result of the fall and detonation of one of the drones near the nuclear waste warehouse, its facade was damaged. Before that, in July of the same year, a homemade drone that moved on jet propulsion exploded in Kurchatov, not far from the nuclear power plant, its debris fell on a residential building.

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