Except “Demon” Milan Peroutka as always, the presenter started the traditional summer party of TV Prima Roman Šebrlewhich has a reputation for being a big mullet.

A former great athlete, who is divorcing his wife Eva, is surrounded by beautiful women at every party. It turned out the same way at the Hostivařské dam, where Šebrle first chatted with the cheap food promoter Láďa Hruška and then shifted his attention elsewhere.

Expres photographers managed to capture Šebrle while flirting with a colleague Alex Hrdinova.

In the presence of the beautiful reporter, Roman knocked down one drink after another, there were also tender touches and whispers in her ear!

Roman Šebrle and Alex Hrdinová

There was even whispering in the ear!

I have a hangover, Šebrle is not for me!

Alex Hrdinová arrived at the party later because she was filming a report about the tragic plane crash near Rokycan.

“Unfortunately, the pilot didn’t survive, but the crew of the car he interfered with during the landing is fine. We were a short distance from the location, so we shot footage, interviews, and then cut while driving in the car to run the report on crime news. We made it, but it was quite a mess.” Hrdinová confided to Expres, who nevertheless enjoyed the primal party.

“I’m a little hungover today and I have to go to Prague to moderate,” a beautiful journalist originally from Pilsen told us the day after the party.

As for Šebrle, Alex considers him only as her colleague and immediately ruled out a possible romance with the presenter.

“The party went well, there was finally space to chat with colleagues, perhaps with Roman. But I stick to the fact that what is in the house is not for me,” Hrdinová explained.

Roman Šebrle with Alex Hrdinová

The greatest experience? Swimming with a shark in the Maldives!

We already reported about the talented reporter in the past that she is a great lover of diving. Her greatest experience was when she saw with her own eyes a two-meter shark a few meters away in the Maldives.

Now Alex has confided in us that she is going to the holiday paradise again and believes that she will have another encounter with a shark.

“The holiday will probably be in autumn or winter. I would like to see a whale shark again, so I want to go to the Maldives. But I enjoy traveling in the Czech Republic during the summer,” a charming brunette who often shares very sexy pictures on social networks told Expres.cz.