“Two Air Tractor AT802F aircraft took off from Sweden at 8am to assist with aerial firefighting. Each of the planes can hold 3,000 liters of water. Arrival is planned for 12:30. After the necessary procedures and survey, they will be deployed immediately into action,” the fire department said on their Twitter account about the arrival of the Swedish planes.

On that occasion, Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan (STAN) thanked Italy for its help in extinguishing fires in Czech Switzerland.

Airplanes from Italy also helped extinguish the fires in Czech Switzerland.

“The Canadians had to put out their own fire back in Italy. Last night I arranged with Swedish Minister Morgan Johansson a replacement, two Swedish Air Tractor machines. Many thanks to the Italians and good luck fighting your own fire, thanks to Sweden for the offer!” reported on Twitter.

“We do not yet have information that planes from other countries will arrive, but negotiations are still ongoing, we are communicating with partner states,” said Lukáš Marvan, spokesman for the fire department of the Ústí Region.

During the night, the firemen built a water line on Pravčická brána, so that they could also intervene there from the ground and have a better overview. “We are concentrating on protecting the evacuated communities, some places are being dredged so that the fire cannot spread there,” he added.

Firefighters are unable to bring the fire under control.

Firefighters, who are already reaching the bottom of their forces, will unfortunately not rest in the future either. “There are outbreaks in Hluboké dol and above Hřensk, we eliminated one here in the morning. It is not possible to specify exactly where the focus is, we will eliminate one focus and in a relatively short time it will appear somewhere else,” described by the spokesperson of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Ústí Region.

In the National Park Czech Switzerland has been burning since Sunday, the fire affected an area of ​​about ten square kilometers. About 500 people have already had to leave the threatened villages.

Firefighters are unable to bring the fire under control.

Not even the firefighters themselves can agree on how firefighting should and should not be done. This is evidenced by the sharp exchange of opinions in their discussion forum.

“Hello friends, I would like to ask, why are the planned detachments from different regions only after such a time? When there was a fire in Bzenec a few years ago, it was a different story and it was only about stupid Moravia and the whole republic went there…,” Milan R. wondered.

“Here we have a fire at a national monument, and we are letting everything burn… Even homes are in danger and nobody is too worried, especially since there are guards from the General Directorate on the spot. They will take nice photos on the spot, and it will just be a new calendar and PF for the next year, but no one will take responsibility.” he added indignantly.

“Don’t be mad at me, but none of what you’ve spewed into public discussion here just doesn’t belong here. Firefighters, one family, really?’ stated Pavel N., who is of the opinion that there is another and better way to wash dirty laundry.

“Write a complaint, give specific wrong steps. Address it to the DG HZS and the Ministry of the Interior. But if I were you, I would think and not let myself be consumed by emotions, there are things that cannot be prevented,” responded a user named Lesnívíla.

“It would be nice if, after the end of the intervention, the discussion moved in the right direction and it was possible to discuss the positives and negatives of the intervention, observations from the front, ideas for the future,” he added conciliatoryly.