Firefighters in Czech Republic today continue in the so-called porn flow. There are 1,028 fire fighters from the Republic’s prisons. Explore the area with thermal imaging drones. Ground and air technology are concentrated in critical places, today there are five helicopters and five airplanes on site.

Responding to the fire, the fire department uses a hundred pieces of equipment, including fire sticks and high-volume pumps.

We cooperate with the national park. We want them to punish someone who gave an impregnable place. Let’s focus on the gossip of the deployed equipment, the firemen said.

Firefighters expect progress to be slow today in some progressive terrain. You have to cut your way with chainsaws and use climbing rope technique. Even when helicopters and planes fly over the country, you have to get to every city by land.

The helicopters will drop water on the tank, but it is a matter of time, looking for hidden fires, penetrations under overhangs, that is up to the ground units, that must be checked, said the speaker.

In the following days, firefighters expect high temperatures again, which could complicate the fire. According to the press release of Martin Kavka of the Fire Department of the capital city of Prague, high temperatures will be a problem for the fire department, not for the lieutenant himself. Haen in plain clothes is exhausting for the firemen and will be worn on a regular basis.

Pore ​​localization

maybe after a delayed period, when another period was prevented by intervention.

According to Kavka’s speech, he said that he did not expect the war to start again. The firefighters will continue to monitor critical areas, added Kavka.

Hensko welcomes the climbers who reach the other gradually increasing cities. Hasim managed to locate the fire during the public evening, and now it covers an area of ​​approximately 600 hectares.

The priority is to allow evacuated residents to move back to their homes. This was only possible in the village of Vysok Lpa.

Speaking to the fire department, Kavka announced that the fire department is in close contact with their German counterparts and is willing to help them with fire fighting in Saxony-Anhalt in case of emergency.

Fire, thank you for your support

Thank you very much for your support. We know her very well and welcome her to the Pardubická region, p hasia on my Twitter. They accompanied the status with an optimistic photo of the unit smiling into the suite.

A similar situation is commented on by the central twitter et hasi We want to thank you for the huge support. He is a driving force for us. You helped!

Fire in the Czech Republic was brought under control after less than a week, this was announced by HZS editor Vladimr Vlek on Monday evening. According to him, the fire did not spread to other cities and the area on which the firemen intervened, reduced to approximately 600 hectares. According to Vlek, a long-term intervention could result in liquidated works in a day.

The conspiracy continues, he put out the printer in action

Now let’s focus on the exchange of forces, the acquisition of technology, the control of taxes and the liquidation of small outbreaks in cities that we have completely under control, they wrote on Twitter on Monday evening.

Por should not be long. Of course, if anything happens, what could complicate it, the problem could hit you tomorrow, said firefighter Luk Marvan yesterday in T talk. The air strike will continue on Tuesday.

While German helicopters helped me on Monday, now the situation could turn around and they will be able to help the Saxon neighbors. We have agreed that we will understand each other. That co-worker is a mess, Marvan specified.

The situation around leeks in Saxony did not improve significantly. Fires are also extinguished as far as possible to prevent the fire from spreading and to limit the area of ​​the fire. however, they are worried about the rising temperatures, said Thomas Kunz, the spokesman for the German district of Saxony – East Krunoho.

I don’t even know when the evacuated residents of Mezna and Henska will be able to move home. That por jet is not liquidated. There is a huge amount of firefighting equipment, there could be a collision with civilian cars, he added.

Firefighters managed to get to the mouth of Hensko on Monday, extinguishing fires there by ground and air. Leprosy outbreaks can be fully controlled. The flaming foot, as seen in the first days, does not appear.

Specially trained climbers in gear who go to fires in dangerous places also help with firefighting. But you have to watch out for falling trees, branches and sparks that can get stuck behind the line.

Hose also at Pravick brny

Firefighters in the national park found a total of 78 kilometers of hoses. And they also reached the iconic point of the entire park. This is the one that is the absolute worst, on Pravick brn, they commented on their point.

The hose is stretched over Pravická brno. (August 1, 2022)

After fighting with the untamed element, the firemen took a deep breath. They made a mistake during their encounter in the forest, and a helicopter with a bambi bag appeared above their heads. And … they got sprinkled.

When you’re hot and need to cool down… our guys enjoyed it, boasting a full-minute video.