The night was quiet, the firemen carried out inspections last night and did not find a new fire, said Marvan.

According to him, the total area of ​​the catchment area was reduced by one fifth to 2,860 hectares, the total area is 1,060 hectares.

According to Marvan, residents of the evacuated villages will be able to return to their homes as soon as it is safe. These are people living in Mezn, Mezn Louce and Hensko. Vysok Lpa was the only municipality to which the inhabitants could move. The evacuation ended there on Sunday.

Clem hasi now has to change the area of ​​impact and localization of pores. Firefighters and aviation technicians will help with this, there are six Czech and twelve German helicopters and five airplanes in action. Help is very much needed, planes have large volumes of water and they are valid here, added Marvan.

According to rumors, the problem areas are in the area of ​​Hlubokho dol, Bouk, Vtrovec hill, Kdeln stny and so on in Hensko.

The injured firefighter is not life-threatening

Pi haen in the Czech Republic on Sunday injured est firefighters, one of them died of a knee injury in the hospital. A total of 50 firefighters were injured. A total of eight firefighters were injured on Saturday.

The most injured person was airlifted to the trauma center of Steck Hospital. Jana Mrkotov, spokeswoman for the regional health hospital, said on Monday that he was transferred to a standard room on Sunday and that his life is not in danger.

I assume that such a massive deployment of firefighters will be at least until Friday of the fifth week, said general editor of HZS Vladimr Vlek on Sunday in T.

Five firemen and the commander of the attack, Roman Vyskoil, said on Monday morning that they are taking another 150 firemen with equipment. We proceed from south to north and the entrance to the west and we try to put out those local fires, said Vyskoil after 7 o’clock in the morning on Czech television. On Sunday, there was a two-board helicopter event, similar to what was expected at the start of the week. The head of air traffic will decide on deployment, said Vyskoil.


The total is divided into three sectors. The area affected by the fire is about 1,060 hectares, but firefighters are working on a much larger area around the fire. It is a so-called external pore. The situation is stabilized on Monday morning, said Milan Rudolf of the regional fire department.

Outside, the area is designated for a guided intervention, technology is deployed in it, and the free movement of people and means of transport is restricted here. Due to the area changes, e.g. evacuated residents of Vysok Lpy could move into the house.

Each region sent one odad

We work day and night, we sit in shifts, pe Hasisk rescue corps on Twitter. It is accompanied by a group of colleagues from Hradec Králové, who pass through the terrain at Divok Soutsky in the dark.

On Monday, several units of the first forces joined the fight with the elephant. Each region gave a segment of the field here. For example, the Pardubice region had to send 10 firefighters and five pieces of equipment in full. Dal reinforcements arrived from Prague. Additional erpac odad, fire odad, aid to you and the deployment of firefighting aircraft. 15 volunteer and 45 professional firefighters are deployed in Prague, state fire department. For example, Pomoc also drank from the rest of Moravia.