There are five helicopters in the air (Sokol, Mi-17 AR, Black Hawk ASR, 2x Bell PR). all aircraft are deployed at Kdeln stn. Antonov An-2 aircraft will be deployed around 3 p.m., the fire department announced on Twitter.

Firefighters in Eskom vcarsk had a peaceful night. They mainly checked the affected area and were interested in the potential liquidation of repeated flare-ups. In the morning, they deployed drones with a thermal camera for research. Then came aviation technology, including large aircraft.

The situation was evaluated by hundred firefighters on Twitter. The night was quiet. No changes have been made to the account. In those hours, we were particularly interested in porn defense, control of burnt-out locations and liquidation of fires that repeatedly ignited in these locations, they wrote.

Even in the middle, 1,000 volunteer and professional firefighters, 200 tankers and a lot of support equipment will be deployed in the city. At the moment (around 7:30 a.m.) they are working in the area of ​​Bouku, where the hoses were sent, according to Vtrovec, Triangle, Kdlovch stny, in the mouths of Kamenice and eln stny in Hensko.

In the morning, drones also started monitoring the situation, only then will helicopters and planes be deployed. Verejek was unharmed by the responding firefighters, the hundred firefighters added.

There is a service on site that ensures the operation of all equipment. In an impassable terrain, the fire department immediately had 80 kilometers of hoses.

According to the first estimates, the cost of firefighting in the Czech Republic will be hundreds of millions of crowns. The costs of the fire brigade are not disclosed, but the deployed units stand at 20 million crowns per day, the general editor of the Fire and Rescue Service R Vladimr Vlek shared in the center.

We are unable to quantify the total costs at this time. However, if the number of units with a standard price is simply increased, then the operating costs – even for voluntary or professional firefighting – range at least between 15 and 20 million crowns per day, the general editor of the fire department stated.

However, this does not include logistics etc. The total cost will be somewhere in the hundreds of millions of crowns, he added.

The fire started in the park on the 24th and the fire gradually covered an area of ​​no more than 1,000 hectares. A press of professional and volunteer firefighters and hundreds of pieces of firefighting equipment intervened in recent days.