Fire victims from the village of Prosandeevka, Agishevsky settlement, Shatsk district, ask for help

On May 9, a fire broke out in the village of Prosandeevka, Shatsk district. According to the employees of PCh-48 in Shatsk and Shatsk district, a residential building in which pensioners lived caught fire. Two fire trucks and 6 personnel went out to put out the fire. They attracted a car from Pozhles. In addition, the volunteers of the Agishevsky rural settlement, together with the head Nikolai Batkov, helped the firefighters. The fire was localized, the pensioners are alive, but it was not possible to save the house.

On May 14, in the Shatsk 18+ group, an appeal appeared to help a married couple of victims of a fire:

“Everything that has been acquired in a lifetime has been destroyed by fire. The couple has always lived in this place and are going to build again here. They ask everyone who has the opportunity to help, at least a little to restore housing. After all, in Russia it has always been like this – by the whole world! The card number is linked to the phone number 8-916-608-88-33 Ivan Vladimirovich M.”