Finland decided not to close the entire border with Russia. Why did Helsinki abandon this idea?

The idea of ​​tightening border restrictions Finland With Russia was not approved by Helsinki. Vice-Chancellor of Justice of the country Mikko Puumalainen rejected corresponding government proposal.

The Deputy Chancellor of Justice assessed the submitted draft decision on restrictions, the draft memorandum and the confidential memorandum and considered that there were no reasons for completely closing the border with Russia.

Judging by the documents, there are no legal prerequisites for further preparation of the proposed material solution

Mikko Puumalainen

Vice-Chancellor of Justice of Finland

Puumalainen explained his decision by the fact that the documents do not contain sufficient guarantees that refugees will retain the opportunity to apply for international protection enshrined in the Constitution and legislation EUEuropean Convention on Human Rights and other documents.

According to Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, the decision taken by the Vice-Chancellor does not mean that at this stage the talks about closing the border with Russia are completed. “There are other models, and work continues,” Orpo said.

At the same time, if Helsinki nevertheless decides to tighten restrictions on the border with Russia, then this will entail comes with a number of problems. Thus, the question will arise about the entry of Finns, dual citizens and students, as well as about the application for asylum in Finland by migrants. In addition, local media draw attention to the fact that Russia has concluded agreements with many countries on the movement of diplomats across the border of Finland. In addition, the issue of freight transportation and transportation of nuclear fuel and fertilizers coming from Russia will come to the fore.

The situation with refugees has worsened on the Russian-Finnish border

In recent days, about 400 refugees moved over from Russia to Finland. Asylum, despite lawyers’ warnings about being denied in court, is mostly people from Arab countries who are asking for asylum. Intermediaries help them get to their destination. They organize a route to St. Petersburg, and then they are driven no closer than 30 kilometers to the border, from where migrants have to get there on their own. The price of such a “ticket” to Europe is two to three thousand euros.

Photo: Lehtikuva/Reuters

Finland has closed the four largest checkpoints on the border with Russia

Previously the Finnish government ordered close the four largest checkpoints in terms of passenger traffic on the border with Russia. Interior Minister Marie Rantanen explainedthat the reason for the decision was the uncontrolled flow of refugees from countries such as Somalia, Yemen And Syria. According to her, all of them enter Finland allegedly from Russia. Thus, from November 18, the checkpoints of Vaalimaa, Nuijamaa, Imatra and Niirala are closed. Deadline: February 18, 2024. They are the closest to St. Petersburg.

Meanwhile, in Lapland, the Finnish Defense Forces arrived at the Salla multilateral road checkpoint, through which refugees are being received. Military personnel started erect barriers on the border with Russia. The Salla checkpoint (on the Finnish side – Kelloselka) is located 170 kilometers from the Russian city of Kandalaksha Murmansk region.

Negotiations between Finland and Russia did not bring results

Prime Minister of Finland Petteri Orpo toldthat Russia and Finland, through diplomatic channels, discussed the current situation at the border with the flow of refugees. He admitted there was no progress in negotiations between Helsinki and Moscow was not achieved.

Meanwhile, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov statedthat Russian border guards comply with all rules on the border with Finland, so Moscow does not accept Helsinki’s far-fetched accusations. He denied rumors that Russia is contributing to the migration influx to Finland.

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