A video of the British actor has begun to leak on social networks Tom Holland while pleasuring himself in a room. Although it is hard to believe, the video is completely real, so his fans are truly surprised by this recording.

The actor Tom Holland has become a trend in the last few hours after a video where he is giving himself pleasure went viral. The video has quickly gone around the world, and it is a scene from the movie ‘Cherry’, where the British is the protagonist and gives life to a doctor with psychiatric problems.

In the video, you can see the 27-year-old actor and boyfriend of the American actress and singer Zendaya, pleasing herself in a room, the gestures and touches are real and her fans have not known how to react to such a hot moment.

A user of Twitter was responsible for viralizing this video, which has already spread to other social networks such as Facebook Y Instagram.

For their part, the actor’s fans and followers hope that in the near future the protagonist of spider man return to star in a scene as hot as the one he lived in ‘Cherry’.

And you, what do you think of this controversial video of Tom Holland?