Today a controversial conversation has succumbed that involves Johnny Depp Y Marilyn Manson, where both artists talk about their legal problems with their former partners.

The media legal trial that Johnny Depp lived with his ex-wife, also an actress AmberHeard, It is without a doubt one of the most controversial and talked about celebrity trials in history. The final verdict gave the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean, where his ex-wife will have to pay him more than 10 million dollars for defaming him.

In the case of Marilyn Manson, his case is the opposite, since it has been possible to demonstrate continuous charges with evidence that makes him look bad as an abusive and abusive man with his partners, which has generated a large amount of rejection to your artistic image.

It is for these reasons that the leaked conversation between the two personalities is leaving a lot to talk about, since both Depp and Manson tell in the conversation about all the problems they have had in their respective trials.

Mr. Depp also included text messages with Mr. Manson referencing Ms. Heard and the abuse in evidence at his own trial. Where does it say the following:

Mr. Manson tells him “I have an amber and “Lindsay just took an amber out of me… please delete it”, to which Mr. Depp replies “I’ve been reading a LOT of stuff about that and sociopathic behavior… it’s fucking real! , my brother!! My ex-pussy is a fucking TEXTBOOK!!!”

Then Mr. Manson tells Mr. Depp:

“I have a serious police amber type scenario with L’s family. I’m fucking stressed. I don’t know if you’re back, but I need asylum somewhere because I think the police might be targeting me.” way”, and that “Lindsay pulled an amber and filed a police report,” and “She’s pulling an amber and the police will show up to serve me a restraining order.”

What do you think about this conversation between both artists?