S through social networks, a series of images of the American actor have begun to go viral jacob elordi in the clothing of the iconic superhero Superman, which have quickly become a trend and have caused all kinds of comments among the fanatical public of action movies.

Since it became known that the British actor henry cavill had been fired from his leading role as the man of steel, social networks showed a gesture of discontent with the decisions made by the directors of DC Comics.

Even so, Internet users began to wonder who the next Superman series would be about, and that was where the rumor began to spread that the actor Jacob Elordi would be in charge of the new era of the popular comics.

Yesterday, the Photographs of the actor in the Superman suit, and despite the fact that they are edits made by fans, they have attracted thousands of users who affirm that the actor could be a great man of steel.

However, discontent over the dismissal of henry cavill remains intact, since the vast majority of the media and fans of DC They affirm that there is no other actor who is the right fit for Superman like the British.

And you, did you like to see jacob elordi with the suit of Superman?