Jungkook, the most popular and famous member of bts, He has left all his fans amazed in recent days, thanks to a live broadcast that he did and where he was seen with a new look and showing off his incredible tattoos.

Through social media, the army He could not help but viralize the new images that they have been able to obtain from Jungkook’s tattoos, which have also allowed them to see how beautiful he looks with long hair, which he has let grow several months ago.

He golden maknae He is enjoying a little break. However, it is said that she is preparing her solo album, which should be out by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the idol share with your fans via live broadcasts, where he interacts with them and reveals everything he does every day, the movies he watches, the music he listens to and the other tasks he does.

Jungkook’s tattoos can be visibly seen on the images. Thousands of fans were shocked by their size, since the tattoos cover his entire left arm.

And you, do you like Jungkook’s tattoos?