In the middle of his course in the compulsory military service, Jin, the eldest member of bts, He has his fans completely on the lookout for new details or photos that leak out of him while he is doing his duty. And it has been that way, in how the army has received a new photograph of the idol dressed as a military next to the division in which he is a team.

When Jin entered the compulsory military service in force in South Korea, his home country, the ARMY knew it was going to be hard to get pictures of the Worldwide Handsome being inside the army, since for security reasons, this is partially prohibited.

Despite these difficulties, his fans have managed and have managed to obtain some photos of the talented artist while he is carrying out his duties as an active soldier in his country’s army.

The most recent photos they have managed to get, you can see the 30-year-old singer with his military division. This is the first photo of Jin of this type, since the other two that had been leaked, he was seen only at the idol.

The photographs, as usual, have quickly become a trend on the ARMY’s social networks. His fans will continue to be on the lookout for new news from their idol, but for now, they have to be patient while Jin and each of the members of bts is fulfilling their duties as South Korean citizens.