On May 16, for two weeks, the host of the project, actor and stuntman Stas Rumyantsev, together with the film crew of the HDL TV channel, will visit the largest cities, ancient villages and places of power in Dagestan.

Among the locations planned for filming are the only subtropical liana Samur forest in Russia, the highest sand dune of Eurasia, Sary-Kum, the state natural reserve “Dagestansky”, the famous Derbent fortress Naryn-kala, the ghost village of Gamsutl in one of the most picturesque places in Dagestan, the center of art metal notches on Untsukul wood.

“Adventure Horizon” is HDL’s self-produced travel series about extreme tourism and at the same time an educational program that tells about traveling around Russia and inspires viewers to personally get acquainted with the natural, cultural and national diversity of the country.