Japan is a country with many unconventional customs. In addition, even if you can buy used panties, the weddings of the people and the hologram have spread in recent years.

So Akihiko Kondo is one of those who preferred a virtual hologram made of flesh and bone. He is considered a fictional sex, so he is a fictional character who can be a famous character known, for example, from video games, books, series, or manga comics.

Three years ago, the Japanese fulfilled a dream. In November 2018, he married the four-year-old holographic court Hatsune Miku. Just two years after the wedding, which cost him two million alone, the software is gone. And he’s unfortunately not with his wife.

You’ll probably wait, so don’t buy him an update? The Gatebox company, which started offering holograms to the brand years ago, terminated its operations in May 2020. Tableware, in which the holographic Hatsune moved and talked, while Konda paid about 65 thousand crowns. In addition, in November 2018, he paid Gatebox another 360 thousand crowns for an organized wedding and a marriage certificate, which, however, have no legal value. He didn’t mind, he didn’t need recognition from the Japanese council.

Let me cut my cock, he became the influencer of the BTS group

A formal wedding ceremony took place in Tokyo. Hatsune with blue braids and oima as big as eggs was absolutely ideal for the sich. No one in the Enich family took part in the futuristic wedding. There were forty guests in the dream dream of witnessing Kondo’s promise to Mike until death divided them.

In addition to the hologram, Hatsune Miku was present in the form of a coca-sized gas doll. With that pr Akihiko still today sp. But he makes a mistake with the hologram that Gatebox’s license expired from day to day.

I arranged such an expensive wedding lunch because I thought I would still be able to do it, Kondo lamented. He disliked the commonwealth as a young man, because they laughed at him for being strange. That’s why I ended up in depression. I sat at home closed 24 hours a day and just watched videos with Hatsune. That’s when I fell in love, he got into a fight in the past.

Hatsune Miku invaded the music scene in 2009. Then created a 3D projection or hologram of the door, which was interspersed with the voice of Japanese actress Fujita Saki, about 160 cm tall and reminiscent of a teenage girl in the style of Japanese manga comics. Singing songs, which the creators also invented their own series, have appeared regularly on the top hitpards in the past, and concerts with thousands of fans have always been hopelessly sold out beforehand.

VIDEO: Hatsune Miku sings from the hologram concert: