The reggaeton Rauw Alexander presented his new single and music video “Hunter”, a direct and crude tiradera (verbal attack through the lyrics of the songs) against his colleague and fellow Puerto Rican Jhay Cortez. But what are the reasons?

“Hunter” is Rauw Alejandro’s response to the tirade that Cortez published on December 17, the remix “Yes, Pepe”, himself is being widely commented on social networks for disrespecting his girlfriend, the Spanish singer Rosalia and his discography.

Given this, Rauw responds in “Hunter”: “’Aphrodisiac’, ‘Vice Versa’ they are still on the charts. They used your album as a frisbi, nobody has heard it again ”. Rauw Alejandro affirms.

“I found out that the tour you announced is not filling,” continues on the subject Rauw, who criticizes that Cortez appeared on several covers of well-known magazines, such as Vogue and Rolling Stone, but that “where we sing, nobody knows you.”

“We are here and we are not hiding. Let me know to ‘see each other ”, Rauw invites his colleague in case there is a chance to talk and put aside the musical enmity. The artist ends the video with a direct and harsh message to Cortez: “It’s Christmas time and I want to give the child a little bit of guideline, you know that’s what his career is made of. We do not have to mention anyone’s wife, she is not to blame for being with a vermin “. Mentions Rauw in your topic.

What do you think of this new strip starring these popular Latin singers?