While Eva Decastelo (43) René (48), her husband, still brags on the social networks, Eva Kornio’s half-naked mistress Jung (41), his legal partner defends him wherever he goes. Did the presenter and the screenwriter of the series Slunečná and Zoo really break up in such a good way, or is there something else hiding behind it? The rugby player is starting to look like Eve.

In show business, it is not entirely customary for partners to break up as calmly as it seems Evy and René Decastel. Even though there is still a question mark that the writer left the family because of rugby player Eva. There is talk of it in the corridors, but the presenter herself is determined to fight to the last for her children’s dads.

It may seem strange to someone when the athlete was supposed to stand behind René’s decision to leave Eva after thirteen years and start again with her four-time mother.

But the former model is clear about that. He does not want to take the example of other couples who have denied their privacy in public and thrown a pile of manure on themselves.

“I will definitely not cover my husband. Eva came after our breakup. Renda behaved like an honest man and told me about his new partner, “ revealed Eva Express.

Eva and René Decastel

Their children Michal and Zuzana are mainly behind her decision to have correct relations with each other even after the break-up.

“I don’t want the kids to read anything bad about Dad in the paper. I am glad that there are fair relations between us, “ Eva added determinedly.

She admits that it can look unbelievable for someone when the whole situation seems to have her husband put on her antlers. However, the presenter tries to be above the point and move on.

René Decastelo is already showing off his new love on Instagram.

Eva Decastelo chooses simplicity.

He still has to live under the same roof with the father of his children until the property settlement is settled. Even though René isn’t home yet anyway. He spends his holidays in Greece with his mistress, whom he already boasts on Instagram. He even showed her upstairs without.

On her own profile, it’s starting to be full of sexy photos in swimsuits in the style of a sock in love, who likes to be topless and often takes photos on Instagram. That Cornie Jung would like to match her partner’s rightful wife?