Fiat Brava knocked down a pensioner in Starozhilovsky district

On July 31, at about 2:45 pm, in the courtyard of house No. 20 on Centralnaya Street of the State Farm named after Lenin, a 19-year-old resident of the village knocked down a 65-year-old pensioner.

According to preliminary information, the girl, the driver of the car Fiat Brava while driving back from the parking lot near her house, she ran over a woman born in 1957 who was walking by on crutches. As a result of an accident, the victim with numerous injuries was hospitalized in the Starozhilovsky district hospital. Then she was transferred to the surgical department of the Design Bureau of the city of Ryazan. This case is under review.

Photo from the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Ryazan region