He had high health problems due to alcohol problems and even ended up at IKEM. For some time, Martin Fenin (35) claims that the population in bars has significantly reduced and still has a much lower life, not two. but he did not become a full abstinent. A video of Fen’s two pub pubs made it to Expres. Undressing in front of people and its movement is obvious at first glance that it is not insensitive. It was a birthday finger, how m bt! If you did not want such a celebration, I sincerely regret it, the former representative shooter reacted, who also thanked the anonymous person for the promo.

For some time football sgr Martin Fenin he slashed goodness, but recently became involved in the arty with Barcelona fans after the European League.

Now, a video showing Fenin’s day in an unnamed Teplice pub has been published by Expres. The former league tonk took off his shorts in the company and the court, according to his very uncertain movements, is especially evident that it was not just about water.

Mr. Fenin pkn came out under the influence of his longtime alcohol friend, said anonymous, who did not pay for his name.

According to Martin Fenin, however, this is an old video that was made on birthday fingers.

Kamard celebrated his birthday. If you did not want such a celebration, I regret it. In addition, I’m not the only one in the video without a T-shirt, responded to Fenin, who thanked Pot in an anonymous exchange for advertising.

I thank him a lot because he gave me a promo for a book and a cat (alcoholic drink that Fenin sells in the e-shop for some time, editor’s note), which should not be missed on the day of celebrations,added Fenin, who is preparing a book about his life with Jakub Kohek.