About that, e Martin Fenin developed his luxurious two-story apartment in Germany, he informed as the first server Vipstar.cz.

The former representative of Tonk, whom Eintracht Frankfurt fans still consider a club icon, told Expres.cz about what led him to sell.

In Germany, the law is that when you own a property for 10 years, you can then sell it tax-free. In winter, it was exactly ten years since I bought the apartment. I was waiting for it, it’s convenient. This is how I get my pension in the istm, described to him his clever full Fenin.

The terrace on which the legendary barbecue took place.

The apartment in which Fea owned the legendary barbecue, which almost cost him his life, is available to me for 779,000 euros, which is less than 20 million crowns in value.

In the very first week, the Germans contacted me, there were about 7 of them. In Germany, there is not as big a crisis as here, what is going on. People in Esk can’t even afford their mortgages, I have to sell it as soon as possible before the crisis ends there too, announced Fenin, who showed him several photos of his apartment

I have it for less than 20 million crowns!

But he didn’t look like that when I went there. J soon had it restored to lower the price. My old friend and his company did the reconstruction. I agreed that they would do it for me and promised them in return that they would sell the apartment and they would then get a commission from it, which some guy would otherwise have. We’ll both take it long, he said, according to Fenin, who told Expres so much about how he intended to pay the pension for the sale of real estate.

I’ll probably do something with my wife and for the little one. We have an apartment that had them for us, but it is too much to speculate what will happen. Those apartments in Prague are probably going down, so we’ll make you last longer, estimated bval canonr.