The singer Felix KPop Group Member, stray kids He has suffered a distressing emotional crisis that leaves all his fans worried.

The group has managed to evolve the whole theme of kpop for his unprecedented talent when interpreting his songs, creating various groups of fandoms internationally. In the same way they have been very active in different social networks such as TikTokpromoting their songs with daring dances.

What their fans had almost never noticed was seeing the members go through a hard time in front of them, just like it happened at the group’s last concert presented in Japan.

The concert was attended by more than 55,000 people who were able to notice the traumatic moment that Felix experienced, while with his companions he was performing the most renowned songs of the group.

The moment was also replicated on different social networks, such as Twitter, and in the videos the fans noticed that the artist tried to sing, but his uncontrollable crying prevented him. Then one of his classmates approaches and tries to calm him down with a hug, but the mission is almost impossible.

The rapper has not yet ruled on the matter that causes doubt to his followers, but through digital platforms they have sent him a lot of love whatever the situation is.