Today is the holiday of all fathers: send the best congratulations to dads

Happy Father's Day: pictures and congratulations

Happy Father’s Day: pictures and congratulations / Photo: Unsplash, Collage: Today

Today, June 19, is good family holiday – father’s day
. And this means that all dads accept cute, warm, sincere, kind and funny congratulations on the holiday.

We have collected for you bright greeting cards, spectacular pictures of happy father’s day
good poems and best wishes that you can send to dad.

Happy Father’s Day: best congratulations in verse


I congratulate you men
I’m happy father’s day today
Kindness, kindness, love
Let them be full of hearts.

To become a friend to children
Protected, protected
So that with paternal science
They walked boldly through life.

I wish you health
Strength, good luck and kindness,
To be supported in life
You always have your children.

Happy Father's Day: pictures, greetings and cards

Happy Father’s Day: pictures, greetings and cards


Dear dad! Happy Father’s Day!
Be healthy all year round.
May luck never end
Follows you everywhere.

May your laughter always sound
Will be a good soul.
May you not encounter obstacles
All life will be good!

Happy Father's Day: themed pictures / Photo: pexels

Happy Father’s Day: themed pictures / Photo: pexels


Happy Father’s Day
Sincerely and tenderly!
Sun, happiness – without end,
Faith and hope.

Be good
Be an example to children.
Dad, you are so alone –
The best on the planet!

Best congratulations on Father's Day / Photo: bonnycards

Best congratulations on Father’s Day / Photo: bonnycards

Happy Father’s Day: beautiful congratulations in prose


Being a good father is the most important and responsible job in a man’s life. Be an example for your son and a wizard for your daughter. Teach, tell, protect – and do it all with love and patience. I congratulate a worthy father, a loving husband, a devoted family man and wish you happiness and health!

Father's Day: spectacular cards / Photo: bonnycards

Father’s Day: spectacular cards / Photo: bonnycards


Daddy, Happy Father’s Day! I wish you happiness and joy, so that your health is strong and your heart forever young. Let fate often reward all your efforts and always protect, no matter what happens, and wherever you are. I wish that luck is always true to you, and every moment is joyful.

Congratulations on Father's Day / Photo: pinterest

Congratulations on Father’s Day / Photo: pinterest


There is no stronger person in the world, wiser than a person, more devoted than a person than a father. This word always inspires confidence that you will be supported and understood, protected and extended a hand, given wise advice and help. Happy Father’s Day!

Pictures on Father's Day / Photo: pinterest

Pictures on Father’s Day / Photo: pinterest

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