BLACKPINK She is currently on the Born Pink World Tour, the girls have already passed through South Korea and toured the entire United States with great success, leaving incredible anecdotes. Now they are in Canada and the fun moments between the girls and the fans, without a doubt, are full of hilarious reactions.

During their stop in Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, the girls put on one of their best shows. In addition to having various interactions with fans, some were so close that the members could hear them. This was the case for Jisoowhich during a tired choreography, began to dry with a disposable towel.

When he finished he crouched down to talk with the fans better known as BLINKs, and they yelled at him that they wanted the sweaty towel. Jisoo’s reaction got more than one laugh from netizens, as she was completely shocked to hear the fans fighting and she simply said that she would put the towel in a corner of the stage.

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In social networks, users viralized the video, especially on Twitter and TikTok, leaving comments such as: «the truth I would have done the same«, «actually that’s not sweat, it’s holy water«, «Jisoo laughing gives me a thousand years of life«, «Who wouldn’t fight to get something from GodJisoo«.