Social networks for several days have been creating controversy due to the comments left by fans of IVEdue to the remarks that he launched bang chan in a recent live broadcast where he expressed what he felt with all his fans, about the new generations, although he did not mention anyone in particular.

Even though it was just his opinion of something he felt, many fans have admitted that he was surely expressing this for the IVE group of the kpopmade up of six singers.

In days gone by, the member of stray kidsBang Chan, in the middle of his Chan’s Room, He expressed that the people of this new generation of KPop were a bit rude and did not consider giving and receiving respectful greetings. From there several groups of fandoms, especially the IVE fandom, were a bit upset, since they affirm that this could have been said for them, due to what happened in a recent music event in Paris.

Apparently all this started because Bang Chan would have given a greeting to the six singers, but they never answered, however their fans admit that they did not do this intentionally, but simply could not realize that they were waving and they were also a considerably long distance away.

Several comments on social networks agree on the same thing, and they do not believe that it is the girl group that Bang Chan was talking about: «I think the distance was great enough to say that she intentionally ignored his greeting, plus the IVE members were preoccupied with interacting with their fans, so anyone could have missed the greeting.«, «The IVE is characterized by being courteous and greeting everyone, an excuse for doing so“, between many more.