The fanatic who suffered the terrible rudeness, humiliation and embarrassing act carried out by the Puerto Rican “artist” and “singer” Bad Bunny, He will initiate legal action for having thrown his phone into the sea, despite the fact that the girl had not attacked him.

The pseudo singer Bad Bunny starred days ago in an embarrassing moment that showed his most contemptuous and pedantic side ever seen against a fan who was just taking a picture next to the ragpicker.

However, the Puerto Rican apparently was not in the mood to let the people who were following him around take pictures of him, so he took the girl’s phone from her hands and threw it into the sea.

The popular artist only in the American continent was in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic, together with his friends. There at that moment was where the young woman decided to approach her with her cell phone to have a drink. Photography.

Days after what happened, the journalist Alex Rodriguez He managed to get one of the people who was present at the deplorable moment, managing to find a man who was present in the discussion between Bad Bunny and his fan.

That conversation was broadcast on the show Sit who can where the young man revealed all the details of the scandal and about the plans that the young woman wants to carry out so that the ragpicker receives what he deserves.

“She thinks, at the suggestion of her family, to take legal action against Bad Bunny, but mainly focused on a public apology for what he did.”

other nearby sources, They affirm that the apology that the young woman awaits is linked against gender violence, since she, as a woman, currently feels quite depressed by what happened.