Famous American rapper accused of rape and beatings

American hip-hop artist’s ex-girlfriend Sean Combs (Sean Combs), known under the pseudonym P. Diddy, accused him of rape and battery. Writes about this TMZ.

According to singer Cassie (Cassandra Ventura), who was in a relationship with the artist for 13 years, Combs subjected her to violence and bullying. The singer said that Diddy raped her in 2018 after she decided to break up with him.

The girl also claims that the rapper regularly beat her, pumped her with alcohol and drugs, forced her to carry firearms in her purse when she was in public, and also have sex with men who provided intimate services. She noted that the artist filmed the process and reviewed the recordings.

Cassie is seeking major damages, while Combs’ lawyer has denied her claims.

Previously American actress Sharon Stone reported about harassment by one of the former executives of the Sony Pictures studio.

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