In the Karabudakhkent region, extinguishing of an unauthorized landfill in the Cherkes-kutan area has begun, where fires periodically occur, bothering residents of nearby settlements with an unpleasant odor. Garbage is covered with a large volume of soil.

Special equipment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the administration of Makhachkala and the Ministry of Natural Resources, a total of about 25 vehicles, is involved in the elimination of fires. There are several watering machines, KamAZ trucks, bulldozers, a front loader.

Recall that on June 18, residents of the suburban village of Novy Agachaul blocked the highway and said that they were tired of breathing a burning garbage dump for weeks.

According to media reports, the open fire has been extinguished, and the elimination of deep smoldering continues by transporting soil, which is covered with smoldering garbage.

Anvar Israpilov, head of the Department of State Environmental Supervision of the Ministry of Natural Resources, noted that this is the only way to fight a fire at a landfill:

“Today we are engaged in the elimination of a fire at a landfill in the Cherkes-Kutan area. The cause of smoke is spontaneous combustion under the influence of high temperature under dense layers of debris. I note that even after the elimination of open fire, the landfill does not completely go out – the deeper layers of garbage continue to smolder, so we cover it with soil and moisten it with water to form a crust that blocks the access of oxygen.

Local resident Islam Musaev thanks the services for their work to eliminate garbage fires and the authorities for their attention to the problems of residents.

“Technique began to put out the fire. We hope that the problem will be completely resolved within a few days. Thanks to everyone who did not stand aside and responded to our appeal,” he said.

The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Dagestan stated that this landfill is being considered for inclusion in the federal project General cleaning, within the framework of which its reclamation will be carried out.