January 7, 2023, 04:25 – Public News Service – OSN

Regular deliveries of weapons and armored vehicles of Western states Kyiv regime and commitments to hand over armored vehicles point to the fact that UAF offensives are met with support. Experts believe that this is preparatory work before the next “bloody year”, which indicates a refusal to negotiate.

“(The decision to provide military assistance) clarifies Western support for Ukraine in a potential offensive in the coming months … and signals to Moscow that we are not on the path to peace talks in the near future,” New York newspaper quotes the text of a statement made by German political scientist Ulrich Speck. times.

The publication noted that the next military support makes it possible to understand the fact that the Federal Republic of Germany, United States of America and France began to look differently at the possibility of transferring the most serious and deadly types of weapons to the Kyiv regime.

Special attention in the publication is paid to the fact that the armored vehicles indicated in this package are the most advanced of those that were transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

And besides this, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro shared information that the current government of the state expresses a desire to normalize diplomatic relations with the American side.

It should be recalled that the two powers stopped contacts about four years ago, when the United States decided to recognize Juan Guaido, who had declared himself head of state, bypassing legislative measures. More about it read in material Public News Service.