Gerard Piqué would have ended his relationship with the Colombian singer, Shakira officially in the month of June of last year, which caused both stars to separate and take completely unrelated paths, Shakira dedicated herself completely to her children and released a couple of new songs, for his part, the former soccer player decided to reveal his new courtship with Clara Chia Martiwhich is why he would have ended his previous relationship.

Now a seer has made several comments about the personality of the former defender of the FC Barcelonawhy this, compared to Shakira, was not mentioned regarding his infidelity and has remained silent in the face of the press that is screaming for answers as to what really happened.

In fact, neither has been mentioned in any way. official before some means to explain to the public what happened with their breakup, but Shakira, unlike the Catalan businessman, has given one or another clue in her most recent musical hits.

The Astrology Expert Clairvoyant Coachas he calls himself, is a famous Colombian clairvoyant, who had previously spoken about sensitive issues such as the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and now he has decided to give his statements about the breakup of Shakira and Piqué, based on the attitudes and personality of the ex-husband of the Colombian artist.

According to Clairvoyant, the Spanish would have agreed with Shakira a confidentiality agreement so that nothing of what happened would come to light. This was what he reported through a reel on his Instagram social network.

«Here clearly comes out the enormous debt that he has with Shakira and that signed a confidentiality contract. My beautiful Shaki was not stupid and she is punishing him And she is punishing him for what? We all know. Oh blessed father! That betrayal that you did to our beautiful Shaki is very expensive, look at the card of the Sun, “said the expert, assuring that thanks to this agreed contract, Piqué has to render an account to Shakira, and that is what has chained not to talk about the case.

For now none of this has been checkedso we will have to wait for one of the three implicated reveal information about the facts or declare the truth of what happened to the media.