Mhoni Seera renowned astrologer and seer, assured that Shakira has not yet gone through all the worst of the controversy with Gerard Piquéand says that “the worst is yet to come” for the Colombian singer, also adding that she could be suffering from “witchcraft”.

Recently, the theme that Shakira will not live alone with her children, but that her parents will also be with her, would have been resonating, which claimed the former player of FC Barcelonaas this could hinder your right to visit your children. The reason for his move to the prestigious Private Island of Fisher Islandin Miami, is the desire to get away from the media and the rumors that continue to cause controversy and that could affect Sasha already Milan.

Now the Cuban seer ‘Mhoni Vidente’ has presented a grim prediction about what will happen soon with Shakira, where he assured that Piqué will make a dirty move as revenge.

«Legal issues are coming, the worst ones, Piqué, the father of her children, and the circle of them will sue Shakira to take away her children, because they say that she wants to start a tour and she is not enough mother for them. How sad for Shakira“, communicated Mhoni in his most recent appearance in ‘The Herald Television‘.

«Piqué is not going to leave, the thorn is being removed from the songs that the Colombian released. Piqué had not realized how much he was going to miss the children ».

The seer also added that Shakira was unfortunately suffering from a witchcraft very strong that she does not leave her alone, pointing out her ex-in-laws as possible perpetrators, mainly her ex-mother-in-law, who allegedly would be “poisoning” the head of her son Gerard, so that fight however, full custody of their children.