There is nothing in life better than one’s own experience, the writer Walter Scott, who became the founder of the realistic novel in his homeland, wisely remarked.

Valery Naperov, Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Bryansk:

“The current issue was raised by the newspaper in the 48th issue of November 29, discussing the law on the creation of the Code of Criminal Procedure at institutions of secondary vocational education. I would like to add to what has been said that I welcome and strongly support the emergence of the law. It is a pity, of course, that now “someone, not me, will compose the song of tomorrow.” Being the director of the Cooperative Technical School for almost three decades, he was always convinced of the need for students to gain work experience and entrepreneurial skills. For this purpose, we created the training and production complex “Vocational Technical School”. A student cooperative, a training and production store, a cafeteria, and a business center appeared on its basis. Our regional trade detachment served gala evenings, the life of a student hostel. Our peddlers could be seen at every city holiday. During the summer holidays, the students traveled to the district consumer societies, where they helped in the organization of the stall trade. They replaced sellers during the holidays in rural shops, children’s and youth cafes. This made it possible to receive small additional funds for the organization of the educational process in accordance with modern requirements, for the salaries of students.

And how great that now, under the new law, graduates will already have the first entry in their work book upon receiving their diploma! But the hope that the law will provide an increase in the financial stability of educational institutions, I think, is somewhat overstated. The calculation of the possible self-sufficiency of labor, as the outstanding humanist teacher Pestalozzi emphasized, cannot be justified, since the requirements of economic return are incompatible with pedagogical tasks.

Natalya Kudryashova, Deputy Director for Educational Work at School No. 4, Kasimov, Ryazan Region:

“Heroes of the Fatherland Day is a holiday of military traditions and military prowess. On December 9, our school hosted a military sports game “Brave Heroes”. The children learned about the significance of the Day of Heroes of the Fatherland.

Pupils of the sixth and ninth grades, having created two mixed teams, became participants in the competition. Additional education teacher Ekaterina Nikolaevna Panova and teacher-organizer Natalya Eduardovna Shuvalova prepared tasks for the teams, the implementation of which required certain knowledge and skills.