Novomichurinsk is decorated with exotic plants by the youth council of the Ryazan State District Power Plant

On May 6, Roman Popov and his comrades on the youth council of the Ryazan State District Power Plant were already at the site at eight in the morning. Here, at the Energetik Palace of Culture, the guys have been ennobling the territory for the second year, planting trees and shrubs in the city with exotic, unusual plants for the middle zone. Last year, we planted almonds, jasmines, roses, and red-leaved bird cherry. All the bushes overwintered, only the cotoneaster died out in places: for Chinese culture, the New Michurin winter turned out to be disastrous.

“Today we have lilac – stamped, on a tree, “Red Moscow”. And also “sensation”, “Chinese”, and again cotoneaster – we will plant instead of bushes that did not survive, – the guys say. – We used to buy seedlings in the Michurin nursery. This time they chose Ozone. Thanks to the station trade union committee, Vladimir Zhdanov and Nina Sologubova – they financed our project. I want to diversify the flora of my native city. Thanks to the authorities. We are supported by the head of the city administration, Igor Kiryanov, and the head of the district administration, Alexander Shastitko. Igor Viktorovich allocated a territory for planting our exotics. And today we are waiting for them to continue the “labor holiday” together.

Behind the word is the deed. While Galina Borycheva, Lyudmila Kozyreva and Anna Denisova sorted the seedlings, Kirill Skripchenko, Dmitry Donodin and Roman Popov prepared the holes.

And exactly at nine, heads Alexander Shastitko and Igor Kiryanov arrived at the landing site. And also Igor Budakov, head of the supply department at the Ryazan State District Power Plant. The director of the recreation center Energetik, Oleg Kalinin, could not pass by either. All together quickly coped with the task.