The singer and dancer Suhobelonging to the South Korean musical group EXOhas been involved in a controversial accusation by a stylist that according to her, he has stolen “300 pairs of shoes”.

Recently, a series of publications have been spreading through social networks in which they accuse the idol of YE of stealing 300 pairs of shoes, the EXO fandom, better known as EXO-L, are very confused by what is rumored there, and this is because the stylist who has made the accusations public was for a while the employee of the artist kpopSuho.

For this reason, the netizens they have involved the EXO singer as the possible idol that the stylist refers to in her publications, in the stylist’s statements she also tells us that the shoes she bought with her money while working for the idol, whom she accuses and will not hesitate to reveal the name if each pair of shoes is not returned to you. The woman argues that the rich should buy their things with her money and not with money from other people and stop pretending they are a good person.

After Suho’s name has been involved in such serious accusations, SM Entertainment soon came forward on behalf of the K-Pop star, giving a public statement about the misunderstanding that was being rumored on social media, the company will take legal actions against all those who dare accuse Suho of being the idol to which these publications refer.