January 7, 2023, 17:07 – Public News Service – OSN

Retired US Marine intelligence officer Scott Ritter said time is now on Russia’s side. In his opinion, while Kyiv is waiting for the next supply of weapons, it will already be in a state of defeat. He announced this during an interview with YouTube channel Judging Freedom.

Ritter noted that, unfortunately for Ukraine itself and a number of other Western countries, Russia does not need to wait.

“Moscow will be ready for battle before any of the promised weapons move from the presentation phase in PowerPoint to implementation in Ukraine,” he said.

The expert also noted the difficulty in the process of transferring equipment from NATO to the Armed Forces. This could become a target for the Russian armed forces.

“Now all this equipment is in a warehouse, so before it gets to Ukraine, it needs to be taken out of there, put into working condition, then shipped, and then Ukrainians are taught how to use it, and only then can it be used. It will not appear on the battlefield before April, May or June, ”summed up the military.

Previously, Scott Ritter in a conversation with the Chinese edition of the Global Times declaredthat Ukraine was preparing to capture the Donbass, so Russia was forced to strike first. He also noted that NATO was angry because of the actions of Russia, which tried to fight back the alliance on the territory of Ukraine, and did not meekly folded its hands.