January 3, 2023, 04:13 – Public News Service – OSN

Former national security adviser to ex-leader United States of America Donald Trump John Boltan shared his opinion that in the future, finding Ankara as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization should be questioned if the head of state, Tayyip Erdogan, runs for another term.

“Finland and Sweden have made the stunning decision to join NATO, but Russia’s trade and military partners still have not abandoned it at a time of need, unfortunately, including Turkey, whose NATO membership should be in question in 2024 if President Erdogan is likely to fraudulently, will be re-elected, ”the Telegraph edition quotes the text of his statement.

He drew special attention to the fact that the Federal Republic of Germany, in turn, has not translated into reality its own obligations to increase the amount of funds spent on the defense of the state.

As part of the publication, he stressed that the further continuation of the confrontation that has unfolded in the Ukrainian territories will even more seriously divide the Western states.

And besides this, the Turkish side has begun actions aimed at the construction of a hub project developed by the Russian Federation for pumping gas fuel. The head of the local Ministry of Energy, Fatih Donmez, shared information that the department predicts that this task will take at least a year.

Recall, the head of the Turkish Ministry of Energy, Fatih Donmez, made a statement that the state is able to play an intermediary role in resolving the crisis in the energy sector.

From the point of view presented by him, it follows that the Turkish side does not experience difficulties with the main suppliers of gas fuel to the state. More read in material Public News Service.